The Best Jeans Ever

Waist cinching premium denim, made for women of all sizes!

Jeans that slip on like a glove and flatter your figure

Cinched Waist

No Back Gap

Sleek look

Easy On, Easy Off


Made in Los Angeles

To support our leadership/skills program and reduce emissions.

90% Less Water Consumption

Only one cup of water used to wash each jean.

Organic Cotton Saves Lives

More than 200,000 people die yearly due to pesticide exposure.

Made to Order

We only make what you BUY!

Changing Girls Lives, 1 Jean at a Time

Profits from your purchase will support girls with reusable menstrual kits that will allow them to go to school, work and be all they want to be, without menstruation hindering their happiness and success.

Learn more: CHARITY

Handcrafted by a Woman

I desgined The Angel Jean in response to my dressing room nightmare, where I couldn't fit a single pair of jeans in my favorite store, because my thighs, calves and booty were too big!

I made the pattern from scratch and sewed the jeans up more than 100 times to ensure it had the perfect fit and feel! My dream is that these jeans allow women to express themselves more freely, feel confident and change the world.

This isn't a fashion statement, anyone who wears these jeans is taking a stand for human, animal and plant life, and I'm excited to share in all the world's progress with you!

- Holly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I buy these jeans?

You can pre-order in October =)

What's the Waitlist For?

These jeans are sold on a pre-sale basis only, for 30 days.

If you give me your email, I will notfiy you as soon as the jeans are available.

Why Pre-Sales

I am committed to only making what people actually want, it's better for the planet!

When Will I Get the Jeans?

Jeans will be shipped 30 days after the end of the 30 day sales campaign. Any delays will be communicated via email.

Can I Return?

If it still doesn't fit, we'll give you 100% of your money back!

Are These Jeans Available Globally?

Waist cinching jeans available globally!