Reducing Inequality

The Angela: Beauty with Substance

Inspired by feminine power and the symbolism of the number six, The Angela is more than just a brand of aesthetics; it's a commitment to making a positive impact.

Why Six? The number six symbolizes family, selfless love, responsibility, and empathy. Regarded as the first "perfect number," it aligns with our vision of a harmonious and compassionate world.

Our Commitment to Sustainability Development Goals:

  • Charitable Giving: 10% of every sale is donated to charities that improve the lives of women worldwide.

  • Empowering Education: Our Business Leadership Program offers individuals comprehensive business education, leadership skills, and job training.

  • Ethical & Domestic: We take pride in supporting ethical, domestic labor, ensuring fair wages and conditions.

  • Sustainable Materials:

    • Organic inputs, preventing 200,000 annual deaths and shielding 400,000 from poisoning.
    • Eco-friendly natural dyes that protect rivers and local food sources.
  • Eco-Conscious Sales & Packaging:

    • Pre-sales model to minimize waste and keep clothes out of landfills.
    • 100% biodegradable packaging for a greener footprint.
  • Water Stewardship: From weaving to washing, our processes conserve water, achieving up to 90% water savings.

Together, let's create fashion that not only looks good but does good too!