Reducing Inequality

The Angela, inspired by feminine power and the number six, has a foundation in beauty with substance, which means that everything produced with The Angela will benefit the world.

"The number six is associated with family, vibrations of selfless love, responsibility, empathy, and family. It is the first perfect number"

Charity giving in every campaign, with 100% of profits from the first 100 sales and 10% of every sale thereafter going to donation

Business Leadership Program for people to receive business education, leadership and skilled job training

Ethical, Domestic Labor

Organic materials that save 200,000 lives each year from death and 400,000 people from poisoning

Natural dyes that don't poison rivers and rob people of natural food sources

Pre-Sales that prevent clothes from going into landfills

100% Biodegradable packing

Water Conservation from weaving to washing, saving 90% on water