The Giving Jean

Summer 2021 Initiative

The Angela will give back to young women with Days for Girls, we will provide reusable pads and sexual education with 100% of the profits from the first 100 pairs of jeans sold! We give 10% of every other sale to charity, at every launch.

I'm super excited to embark on the first initiative, because giving to children is the number one reason why I started this business, and it's been a motivating factor in my life's journey.

Days for Girls is a non-profit organization that provides women and girls with menstrual health supplies and education, and one of my favorite aspects of the organization is that the menstrual health kits are produced by local businesses, so the money spent to get the kits goes right into the community we donate to!

This is the perfect organization to work with, as a brand that is all about women empowerment and education.

Why reusable pads?

Sustainable: Reusable pads reduce waste! The average woman disposes of 110,000 tampons in her lifetime! Access to trash bins, and landfill infrastructure is not as prevalent in some communities, this leads to bio waste when women and girls have nowhere else to dispose of their sanitary napkins. Reusable options are better for some communities.

Economical: One-time use sanitary napkins require recurring investment, an investment that is so great, most women use one pad a day. Reusable pads last 2 years when cared for properly! So you're making a huge investment in someone's life with this product.

Healthy: Disposable sanitary napkins have harsh chemicals in them that could be absorbed via the genitals. Test results show the presence of dioxins, furans, and pesticide residues in tampons and pads, which have been linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and endocrine disruption. And did you know that companies are not required to list the ingredients in tampons and sanitary napkins because they are classified as 'medical devices'? Reusable pads and menstrual cups are healthy and sustainable options that are healthy for all bodies.

What about access to water? The Angela will provide water access to every community we donate pads to!

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